I find writing a unique way to touch someone’s life. I love being able to help someone escape reality, even if it’s only momentarily. It’s humbling to hear people are still thinking about my characters long after they’ve finish the book.
— Michael Reid Jr

Who is Mike?

Mike’s wide knowledge base helps drive his eclectic writing. He received his undergraduate degree in biology, with minors in both psychology and chemistry. He went on to Washington University in Saint Louis where he received his doctorate. Prior to this he worked at Great Lakes Naval Base where he interacted with a wide range of military personal, both past and present. 

Outside of writing novels, he blogs professionally for Veritas Health, in their Spine and Sports sections. 

His interests include writing, woodworking, and exercise, and has been known to work on cars and motorcycles. He is the husband to a beautiful, supportive wife, and a father to a wonderful son. 


About Mike's writing. 

Mike's unique writing style allows him to work across genres, already having completed additional works in medical suspense, religious fiction, and historical fiction. The excerpts section will allow you to sample his other works. 

Mike has a wide knowledge base to help drive his eclectic writing. His undergraduate degree in biology and minors in chemistry and psychology allowed him a wide range of experiences and help generate his well developed plots. He's also spent considerable time in religious studies, and grew up in the Christian church. 

Specifically regarding his military thrillers, Mike has worked with various individuals from government and military backgrounds, drawing from their conversations to develop his visceral stories. He has interviewed U.S. Marshals, FBI, retired and current military of all branches. He's had the opportunity to talk with pilots and captains of a wide variety of aircraft and vessels, as well as members of special forces which allows him to go into great detail on how missions are run. He often speaks with police, firefighters, and EMT’s to determine how certain situations would be investigated and responded to, as their protocols often change.




Pictures from you!

  • It's humbling and emotional to see people who are reading my work. 
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