It’s my belief that the gravitational anomaly which has been gathering such worldwide acclaim will pass dangerously close to Earth. I, along with my team of physicists, astrodynamicists, and silent partners in organizations that are simply known by their acronyms, have painstakingly worked to solve the mystery that we call Khaos. We believe it to be a planetary body, one that was thrown out of orbit by a dying star, or quite possibly removed from its home star by another passing in close proximity. Either way, the evidence clearly points to the idea that not only is Khaos getting closer, but it’s accelerating towards the largest gravitational well in our region of the cosmos: the Sun. This will not be a popular declaration. I am in effect, placing Earth on notice. In roughly nine years, 346 days, Khaos will approach Earth in such close proximity that it will destroy life as we know it for the foreseeable future. Saying this, I understand there are thousands of other professionals like myself throwing out their theories as well. I welcome the challenge to prove our data is correct. In fact, I hope that you find an error in our work, which is why I’ve placed this video online. Everyone, from hobbyist to student to professional astrophysicist, attacks our work, finds a flaw. Because if it’s correct, we only have 3,633 days until we’re all forced to believe in Khaos. 

—Transcript from the announcement video by Dr. Elliott Peels