Debt of Fear

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A Non-stop plot of terrorism and deception, revealing how we're all guided by emotions.  

Logan Falcone was finally in control, insulated from the world around him. A terrorist attack in Paris prompted a phone call that changed all that. It was Samantha, the only person who could penetrate his thick armor. He had finally stopped reliving the events in Iraq but was being asked to make himself vulnerable again. A second attack, this time in Chicago, starts to open a deceitful door into the terrorist cell. Logan uses his old connections, a group of Recon Marines, and as much assistance as Samantha can give without compromising her job with the FBI. Leads fall through their fingers and it appears there’s a leak in the government. In the end, it comes down to Logan’s intuitive training and ability to read people. Will Logan be able to tap into who he used to be? Or will the thought of another potential loss dictate his actions, causing even more attacks and American deaths?


Debt of Fear is a visceral, fast paced story told through multiple perspectives. It brings to life the terrifying topic of domestic terrorism like never before. You will experience the love, racism, fear, and loss that guides each character’s choices. Whether for good or bad, you will understand, some decisions are better than others; even if it means someone must die.