Sins of the Father release!

I'm writing to announce some fantastic news! I've been so excited seeing the support of so many of you. It's been overwhelming and motivating. 

Getting to the point, I'd like to officially announce the release date will be September 22nd. Pre-sales for the Kindle version of Sins of the Father will go on sale August 16th for $0.99, and it will remain this way until release. Furthermore, for my fans, I am going to release the paperback BEFORE the official release day, so that you may all have copies in hand by release day. They will soon be found on Amazon as well, so stay tuned. 

I'm asking all you Falcone fans to jump all over this deal, to pass the word along, to share and review, with reckless abandon. This is worthy of a best-seller, poised to take down the big names, so let's make it happen! 

Here is a link to the Kindle Pre-order. Let's do it! Logan's hunt has finally begun.