My universe

            Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by the night sky. For my 8th Christmas, I received a Jason telescope, and I lost my mind. I used it sparingly, it was difficult for me to understand how to look through the lens. I remember my eyelashes always blocking the view, frustrating me while I tried to observe the moon.

            As I got older I dove into reading about space, our solar system, the sun, other stars, and my curiosity went wild. When it came to looking for colleges, I began with a very strong interest in physics, however, being the first college bound person in my family, I was lost. I had no idea what a physicist did, or what kind of job opportunities it would bring. Even more embarrassing, I’d never heard of an engineer. How sad is that? Looking back over the last fifteen years, do I wish I could revisit a seventeen-year-old Mike and say, “hey man, look into engineering school, or aerospace, or astrophysics?” No, I wouldn’t change much. My path brought me to this point in my life, brought me to my wife, allowed me to have a wonderful, intelligent, spaz of a son. It’s also given me the freedom to write. Plus, I can still be a fan of the cosmos. I read a lot of science based literature, articles regarding theoretical physics, astrophysics, science and technology, and everything related to Elon Musk.


            Why all this blubbering about how I have an affinity for the cosmos? Well, this. A few months ago, I was falling asleep, and an idea struck me so suddenly I had to leap from bed, run downstairs, and begin forming an outline. I was admittedly tired and likely delusional. The idea was so strange, so unique, that when I finally woke up the next morning and read what I had written down, I was very nervous and a bit weirded out. Immediately I contacted two people who I trust very much to tell me the truth, Heather and Vincent. I sent the rough outline, and wrote,

On a scale of 1-10, how crazy is this idea?”

Then I waited.

Heather responded- It’s a 9. But I really like where it’s going. Write it.

I high-fived myself. Then there was Vincent. The answer came slower, but it was just as effective.

            “Your idea kept me up last night. It’s awesome. When are you going to write it?”

Well Vincent, now. The answer is now! I had already begun working on a historical fiction novel, one that will shred faces when I get to finish it, but sometimes other things get in the way–like OMEGA. It’s not the first time I had to put the WWII piece on the backburner (cue The Beyond Experience) but when inspiration strikes, and those closest to you demand a finished project, you respond.

So, you heard it here. My next project will be a massively complex universe surrounding a cosmic catastrophe of biblical proportions. But, humanity will survive; and the reasons why are truly remarkable. No spoilers here, but you may find some easter eggs from other books.



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