My first blog! A thank you.

Hello everyone! I felt my first blog should be a thank you. Thank you to everyone who's ever visited my site, downloaded my book, send me a picture with my work in their hands, or asked for an autograph. Thanks to my new friends on social media, and most specifically those who constantly motivate me to push on, to continue writing in spite of the odds. To Sadie, Chandra(nailed it), Vincent, Molly, and Raphie, for feeding me endless positivity. Without you guys, I'd have lost out to the inner monologue long ago. To my family and friends, thank you for helping spread the word, because in reality, the easier option was to ignore my pleas. 

I've had so much fun in the last 18 months bringing stories to life. What excites me to no end, is when someone tells me they were so invested in the story, they forgot about their own lives for those passing moments spent with their eyes scanning the pages. 

Now enough sappy stuff! Who's ready for another Logan Falcone novel? Sins of the Father went to the editor last night! I can say with 100% confidence, that if you liked Debt of Fear, you'll love this one! I have no idea how I could possibly write a better thriller than Sins of the Father. I can't wait to get it out there! 

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