Khaos- A new novel; a challenging story

Hello everyone! For some time now, I have been painstakingly developing a MASSIVE story structure based within the genre of sci-fi. I have to say, it's been a monstrous and sometimes frustrating challenge. When the idea hit me this past spring, I immediately sent it to 2 unnamed individuals, who both agreed, it was a wild and original storyline. I asked them "how weird is this on a scale of 1-10?" I received two 9s, and an unforgettable response, "I couldn't sleep last night. Your idea kept me up all night. When are you going to write this?" So needless to say, I began ASAP.

I was writing this story, KHAOS, as I was wrapping up Sins of the Father. It was draining, not because it wasn't enjoyable, and not necessarily because of the number of hours I was putting into both projects, but because the amount of reading and interviewing I had to do was daunting. But, as fortuitous as it was, I happened upon a willing and engaging astrophysicist from Northwestern University, Michael Zevin, who was irreplaceable in my story development. His first question to me, "how real do you want this story to be?" my response, "As close as we can possibly get, so people have to look into the science behind the ideas and prove to themselves that these things truly do or don't exist." BTW, Michael was part of LIGO, a massively revolutionary experiment which successfully recorded gravitational waves. He is very modest, and says he did very little, that he was just there at the right time, but come on man. You're brilliant and that's why you were there. He also writes articles related to astrophysics and has been published himself.  

Khaos has been chaotic. The outline promised an amazing story, an easy and quick plot, but it turned out to be a lie. I struggled time and again to make it all feel real, to bring true science into the fold, just advancing it a generation or two. To be honest, it also became so large and overwhelming I began outlining for the next two books in the series. But this will have to wait. I refuse to spoil whats to come, but trust me, the ramifications are absolutely stimulating. Khaos been my largest, most complex weave of characters to date. Typically when I finish a book, I feel excited, full of energy, but this one, I just wanted to take a nap. This all sounds terrible, like the story is pure shit and I just hated every minute of it—but nothing could be further from the truth. 

I've heard from you, that you greatly appreciate the research I put into my stories, my relatable and developed characters, and the visceral descriptions which bring the stories to life. Well, there hasn't been a story of mine which has required more research, no story has contained so many incredible characters, and no novel I've ever written takes you into another world as well as this one does. I was encouraged almost weekly by not only Startalk podcast (featuring Neil Degrasse Tyson), but the news regarding recent experimentation and tech which we are using and advancing. All of which, ironically or subconsciously, had already found placement in this novel. I am so excited to share this news with you. But I'll go no further than this very brief excerpt from the beginning. All will be revealed in time. 

Khaos. It wasn’t traditional nomenclature for a planet to be named after a Greek God. The heavenly bodies traditionally took after the Roman counterparts. But this was no ordinary planet, nor had it been named by a team of astrophysicists who came together in a state of celebration and intrigue. In recent years, hundreds, if not thousands of researchers, astronomers, physicists and hobbyists developed theories regarding what had made our solar system exhibit such exotic and unseen behavior. Each of the theories came with a unique name to define the object which produced the unseen gravitational energy to generate the anomalies. In fact, Vegas placed odds on which theory would ultimately be correct. Over the years, hypotheses fell victim to mathematics or observation, and were forced from contention until few remained. The irony, was that the longshot became the forerunner. However, Khaos was empty bet. The ramifications of the longest shot in history carried with it an ominous prediction; and the world began to shift under the gravity of an apocalypse.